This initiative promotes the need to invest in adolescent girls to keep in school to look beyond the vulnerabilities they face given the limited resources within their families and communities and to be change agents within their communities.

Young girls are more likely than their male peers to drop out of school, to marry at an early age, and to bear the brunt of poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes. Adolescent girls face physical and social vulnerabilities that threaten their human rights and livelihood.

Girls tend to enter puberty stage earlier than boys and this marks the beginning of a risk period where they have little control over critical social, health, and economic outcomes that include sexual maturation leading to domestic burdens, migration for work, pressure for marriage, Isolation from peers and this is more likely to lead them to drop out of school.

Investing in the education of the adolescent girls opens up opportunities for women in Uganda to break the cross generational cycle of poverty within families ,and it gives the child ,the family and the community a better future.

The project aims to provide education opportunities to 1,000 disadvantaged and minority children and their families in the Greater Masaka region. The project aims to look for sponsors for children, who otherwise would be deprived access due to financial constraints, by providing funding for tuition and school supplies. The project aims at supporting the students’ families by organizing community groups, distributing income earning assets, and training in child protection and health

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