This project has kick-started 305 women and boosted over 600 women in micro business with the aim of alleviating poverty and creating agents of transformation in the lives of rural women through building sustainable business solutions to ultimately foster economic empowerment within their communities.

The women leaders in communities together with the help of our support staff identify small scale businesses which women can run in their homes, roadside, or hawk door to door . These women are later grouped and trained in economic empowerment programs to equip them with basic financial literacy that builds their resilience to market their goods and services and ensure profitability. They are then given a small startup capital to kickstart them in business and those already in business are given small loans as capital to boost their businesses to increase sales. This has improved their income and enabled them to afford rent, provide meals for their family, school fees and medication for their children.


  1. Create direct employment opportunity for the poorest of the economically active women entrepreneurs by providing them with micro - loans.
  2. Improve the business management skills through training and on site supervision.
  3. 100% financial self-sufficiency is to be maintained.
  4. Increase the profitability of the women's enterprises through group guaranteed loans.

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